Corporate membership

Increasingly it is becoming apparent that many large HM colonies are based on non-residential buildings and structures. However, our current membership offering does not easily fit with non-individual bodies.

House Martin Conservation UK & Ireland has a successful system of full membership currently limited to individual memberships with full voting rights in line with both our own constitution and best practice for charities.

We have decided to add an Associate membership option open to non-individual members. Whilst Associate Members will be referred to as ‘members’ they will in fact be ‘supporters’ of the charity and will have no constitutional role.

Associate membership will be open to:

  • Any business with a colony of house martins wishing to protect their colony and share the aims and objectives of the House Martin Conservation UK & Ireland charity.
  • Any business intending to attempt to create a colony of house martins, possibly using House Martin Conservation UK & Ireland as a consultation body.
  • Any business wishing to become a supporter of House Martin Conservation UK & Ireland.
  • Any rescue or rehab working with house martin rescue who has agreed to work within our charity guidelines.
  • Any ‘business’ that works to support the conservation of house martins.

There will be two types of corporate/associate memberships.

  • Haven and Friend

Over the next few months, we will be producing corporate member welcome packs. If you know of any businesses with house martins or which may have lost a colony and be interested in rebuilding a colony please let us know at

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