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Now red-listed, the house martin is considered to be facing the risk of extinction
As a charity 100% of our team are volunteers - so no payroll costs

We aim to keep our overheads to the absolute minimum so that almost all your donations are spent actually making a difference. 

We will always be transparent about our spending and we will respect any wishes for how we use the money you donate. 
We want to be able to support individuals and communities with artificial nest cups and awareness raising campaigns. We would like to sponsor community projects with initiatives for colony formation and expansion incorporating artificial nest cups and house martin towers, and of course, we want to help fund the rescue centres – every single chick saved will hopefully come back next year!
Please support us – we cannot do this without you. 

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Edd Cottell
Don’t let the house martin disappear, let’s work together to save this enigmatic little bird.

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See the ways you can help protect the house martin.

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Check out our top tips – Where to buy nest cups, where to place them and dealing with droppings.

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