About us Standing with the birds
Paul Minshall
Flocking together

Our founder, Ian Donovan saw that Facebook and Twitter were attracting many people and decided the time was right to create a more formal group which aims to increase knowledge about these birds and create a channel for support throughout the two countries.

The journey

Following our inaugural virtual meeting we decided to establish a UK based charity with Ireland operating within the wider framework. In line with the guidance for charities we have formed a group of elected trustees and officers, supported by a team of regional officers.

Lynne Parker
International vision

Whilst our conservation work will be UK and Ireland based we wish to encourage members from all over the world to gather data so as to increase and share knowledge. We can make a united effort to conserve the house martin.

Our mission

Whilst we know that house martin numbers are declining, we are optimistic that together we can make a real difference to the UK and Irish populations.

Edd Cottell
Don’t let the house martin disappear, let’s work together to save this enigmatic little bird.

How to help

See the ways you can help protect the house martin.

Nest cups

Check out our top tips – Where to buy nest cups, where to place them and dealing with droppings.

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