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House martin UK and Ireland in association with Coreo, are very proud to announce the launch of the 'House Martin Mapper' app.
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House martin mapper

House Martin Conservation UK and Ireland in association with Coreo are very proud to announce the launch of the 'House Martin Mapper' app.

The idea was conceived four years ago, on our formation (and obviously guided by the success of ‘Swift Mapper’), but we held back to concentrate on building the foundations of the charity and growing from there, before returning to it last year after seeing the charity grow and develop, allowing us to recentre once more upon the initiative.

Well, the moment is now here and we’d like to encourage all to utilise the app for the benefit of our beloved house martins!

House martin mapper app

Unlike ‘Swift Mapper’ data doesn’t feed directly to other conservation charities, but we can make the data available to the BTO, local ornithological societies and the RSPB (for example) upon their requests.

The app allows you to record details of yours, or other colonies along with a facility to record mud collecting data.

Although our social media accounts allow us to see your reports of national locations of house martin colonies across the UK and Ireland, we needed a more stored and accessible way of collecting and utilising data, to enable us to refine and enhance our conservation efforts.

We do encourage official members of the charity to continue to participate in the members survey that is active within our newsletters and on our website. Your contributions via the members survey are also invaluable.

We feel ‘House Martin Mapper’ will become a vital resource and have worked with Coreo to develop the app.

We would like thank Coreo for their immense generosity in offering to waive the first year development and running costs, allowing us to utilise your original donations for the app via Facebook for our front line conservation work.

A reminder that our three tiers of funding are; for the provision of artificial nest cups (ANCs) for community projects, funding of our accredited rehabbers and education, including younger generations so they can be the house martin champions of the future, preserving house martins and carrying out research.

We look forward to receiving your data and hope you find the use of the app both enjoyable and of value!

House Martin Conservation UK and Ireland 
May 2024

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