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House Martin Poem by Joel Ashton

My name is Joel Ashton and I’ve been designing and installing gardens and habitats for wildlife...

Letter from Africa by Dr John Feltwell

Where do House Martins go for winter? Summary This trawl through the literature reveals that ringing...

Letter from Southern France John Feltwell

Declining passage of House Martins The passage of House Martins (HM) seems to have tailed off...

Bentley Wood wildlife buffer zone house martin project

2022/23 (Phase 1) Summary by Sue and Tony Farley Some of you will already know that...

The Warwick house martin cote Part 1

Artificial nest sites, which of course includes nestboxes, have become a feature of British gardens, woodlands...

Kate Adams Tee writes about her colony in Hungerford

It’s early October and the evening skies above our house are unusually quiet and devoid of...
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Edd Cottell
Don’t let the house martin disappear, let’s work together to save this enigmatic little bird.

How to help

See the ways you can help protect the house martin.

Nest cups

Check out our top tips – Where to buy nest cups, where to place them and dealing with droppings.

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